James CRAFT & Son, Inc. was founded in 1900 by Faros Craft, a small-town blacksmith, table maker, and carpenter.

Throughout the last 100 plus years, James CRAFT & Son, Inc. has continually expanded its operation and capabilities. From the purchase of our first red truck in the 1940’s to the 1970’s when CRAFT added electrical and sprinkler departments as well as welcoming the fourth generation of CRAFT’s to the team, we have always been at the forefront of our industry.

In the 1980’s CRAFT expanded to operate as a full-service mechanical and electrical contractor while adding business automation and energy management control systems to its capabilities.

Since celebrating our centennial in 2000, we are now grooming the fifth generation of CRAFT’s to continue our history of exceptional quality.

Faros Carft - Our Founder
James W. Craft, the second generation owner, stands by a CRAFT service truck.
James E. Craft, the third generation owner.

Did You Know?

The signature red Ford truck that CRAFT is known for dates back to a 1947 redFord pickup truck which was originally ordered by James W. Craft. Previous to that a 1946 blue Chevrolet was ordered & promised to Faros Craft, but was given to another customer.

1947 Ford Pickup

Why CRAFT trucks are red

Faros and James W. Craft had a blue 1930 Chevrolet truck. Immediately after World War II, Faros ordered a new pickup truck from the Chevrolet dealer in Mt. Wolf. He was promised the first Chevrolet pickup truck that came in. Later, James W. ordered a pickup truck from the Ford dealer Beshore & Koller in Manchester.

When the first Chevrolet truck arrived in Mt. Wolf, a blue 1946 pickup, the dealer succumbed to pressure from another customer and sold the truck to them. When the first Ford truck arrived in Manchester, a red 1947 pickup, James W. received it.

That is how “CRAFT” trucks came to be red Fords, instead of blue Chevrolets.

History November 30, 2015